What jobs can be found at a trade or technical school

Trade or technical schools are organisations which teach students a specialist skill or craft. Unlike a conventional college or university their primary aim is to train, not educate. Some of these schools are residential which provide accommodation for students over a period of weeks or months whereby they learn to fine tune their skills and strive for the best.

In order for these establishments to operate effectively they do require many staff, from the classroom to grounds maintenance and office staff. Some of the schools may be located within city centres, whilst others may be based within a stately home, and they can teach a range of specialist subjects including cookery/catering, building and construction or hair and beauty.

If you would like to work in a trade or technical school as a tutor or teacher, you do need to have many years experience in your trade or industry, and have obtained this by working in a variety of organisations or have your own business. Managers will be looking for people who are of the highest calibre to teach their students. Other possible employment vacancies within a trade or technical school include; an administrator, accountant, marketing officer, managers assistant, customer service staff, catering staff if the school provide accommodation facilities, grounds maintenance staff and technicians to name a few. All of these staff help the day to day running of the organisation and enable classes to be delivered in an effective and informative manner.

There are a variety of trade or technical schools around the UK, so opportunities for employment are plentiful.

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