How to find trade school jobs

Trade school jobs are often associated with the building and construction industry, but these are not the only industries which operate trade or technical schools as they are sometimes known. Catering, hair and beauty and art all have their own specialist schools whereby skills can be learned to enable students to build a career in the industry.

Within these trade schools, a variety of jobs can be obtained; tutors, managers, cleaners, administrative and other office staff are an integral part of the school. In order to work as a tutor within a trade school, applicants usually have significant experience of their trade having spent many years within the workplace. They can then bring their specialist knowledge and skills into the classroom and deliver a programme of training which will best equip students for a successful career in their chosen trade. In addition, tutors will need to have a good general education, creative flair to make lessons fun and interesting and have excellent people skills.

In terms of administrative and office staff, the opportunities for employment are endless. As well as managerial staff, there will be marketing staff who play an integral role in promoting the school and generating new business, preparing brochures and leaflets to publicise the school and undertaking accounting and financial practices. If the school is based around a trade such as plumbing, tiling or construction, then there may also be openings for technicians to work in the school, preparing materials for classes and the maintenance of equipment.

Some of the trade schools where employment can be sought include RF Training based in Manchester and Birmingham, Ashburton cookery school in Devon or The London School of Beauty and Make up.

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