Toys R Us salaries for UK workers

Whether you’re looking for a part time job or something permanent, there’s every chance that your local Toys R Us store will have a vacancy. If you’re interested in joining the American toy retailer, you’ll want to know what the Toys R Us salaries for UK workers are.
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Toys R Us in the UK

There are thousands of stores across the globe selling toys under the Toys R Us brand including close to 100 in the United Kingdom. You’ll find stores dotted all over the country. There are 10 stores in Scotland, 4 in Northern Ireland and 18 in Greater London. Aside from those areas, you’ll also find stores in the east in places like Ipswich, in the east midlands in places like Leicester and on Teesside in the north east. There are 9 in the Wales and west region and several more stores in the south, the west midlands, the north west and the Yorkshire and humber area. Why not visit toysrus.co.uk/storeFinder.jsf to find your local store?


Salaries are dependent on experience and the location in which you’re working so the following is a guide to what you can expect. An Assistant Store Manager can expect anything from £21,000 to £23,000 as a starting salary. Head office staff earn on average £31,000 for the work they do. If you’re more interested in the sort of accessible jobs that most people can carry out, you’ll want to know hourly rates rather than salary amounts. Administrators and other backroom staff can expect around £7 per hour for the work they do. Shop assistants earn around £6 per hour. Salaried retail sales assistants can earn up to £15,000 but most start at around £10,000. That might seem like a massive difference in wages, but with experience and age you’ll find that your salary increases.

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