Check Total Jobs for Dundee vacancies

In the present economic climate, finding jobs in the Tayside area is not exactly a piece of (Dundee) cake. One useful avenue of enquiry is the Total Jobs Dundee section of the website.

Total Jobs (total jobs.com) often has around 100 Dundee-based jobs advertised on its site, with a wide range of work and salaries. It's an ideal starting point for a systematic job search.

In the last year, around 25% of the vacancies in the city have been for sales-related posts, and this is likely to remain the main area of opportunity for job-seekers. Many of the jobs advertised are commission-based, but there are posts with starting salaries of around £20,000

The largest employers in the Dundee area tend to be public sector, with NHS Tayside, Dundee City Council and Dundee University heading the list. Leading private-sector employers were Tesco, British Telecom and DC Thomson, publishers of the Sunday Post (and the Beano).

Qualified health workers and public-sector administration and management staff remain in demand in Dundee, even though budget cuts mean that advertised vacancies are not as numerous as in the past.

If you are finding problems locating suitable vacancies in Dundee, it might be worth broadening your job search to include the Angus area. This will increase the number of potential jobs by around 50%, and most posts will be within easy commuting distance of Dundee.

Part-time jobs are also included on the Total Jobs Dundee site with distribution, croupier and cleaning jobs typical of the type of work available, with pay in the region of £6 an hour.


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