We look at some of the great Torbay part time jobs out there right now

Finding a part time job can be a frustrating experience with so many people competing for so few positions. If you sometimes feel like you're being left completely out of the loop when it comes to finding Torbay part time jobs, then it may well be that you're simply looking in the wrong place.

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To show you just how effective the site can be, let's take a look at some of the great Torbay part time jobs being offered on there right now.

Bull and Bush are currently searching for a part time chef to work alone at evenings and weekends. The venue serves between sixty to ninety people, so the applicant must have prior kitchen experience, and be able to work to meal specifications. This job will pay £6 per hour to the successful applicant.

W C Rowe Penryn are looking for a part time sales assistant who has previous experience in the field and can display a positive attitude, enthusiasm and self motivation. The successful applicant will work as part of a team, and will earn between £5.83 and £6.40 per hour.

For more information on these jobs as well as much more, check out jobisjob.co.uk today!

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