Top Universities in the UK

The top universities in the UK are always listed as Cambridge and Oxford. That’s great for tourists who want to know a bit more about the UK and for the minority of us who are smart enough to get into Oxbridge, but those two universities won’t cater for the majority of students looking for a place to study. Websites like thecompleteuniversityguide.co.uk will give you an idea of which other universities rank highly but the truth is that the best university depends on the course you’re studying.
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The Arts

University College London and Newcastle University are among the top universities for the arts in the UK. In Newcastle you could study BA (hons) fine art while UCL offer this course and BFA (hons) fine art. Both score highly on satisfaction surveys and students give good feedback. For UCL you’re looking at paying fees amounting to £9,000 for full-time home/EU undergraduates and Newcastle University students will be expected to pay a similar fee amount.


This is another popular subject for students and one where the right university can make all the difference to your results. Cambridge and Oxford are the top rated places to study of course but if they’re too rich for your blood, why not check out the University of Leeds? Students with a household income of £25,000 or below will receive support of up to £3,000 in their first year and £2,500 a year after that which will go a long way to cover the £9,000 per annum fees.


The London School of Economics and the London School of Commerce are among the top universities if you’re interested in studying commerce and economics. Cardiff Metropolitan University is another that’s worth a look if you’d like to live and study in Wales.

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