Top paying companies in UK

Money is the main reason people work. That is pretty much true for the majority of the world’s workers, although those with careers that challenge them might not see it that way. If you’re not all that bothered about what you do, but you want to earn well from your time and effort, which UK firms pay the most money?



The truth is that in the job market companies only pay what they have to pay that means that their competitors help create the wage pattern they adopt. If they want the best people, they’ll have to pay the same or more than their rivals so the highest paying firms in the UK are those working in the best paying industries. On average in the UK, Stock Brokers earn the highest amount. You’ll need to work in the City to become part of the top firms like Investec or Killik & Co. Check out a site like londonstockexchange.com for more info.


We’re not suggesting that you use Facebook to find work, LinkedIn is better for that but would you believe that Facebook are one of the UK’s highest payers? For pay and benefits these guys are constantly rated as among the very best in the UK. Check out facebook.com/careers if you’re interested in joining Mark Zuckerberg’s firm.


Jive is another American firm and also another IT company. They market themselves as a “provider of communication and collaboration solutions for business” which basically means that they help other businesses set up on the web. They have an office in Reading so you’ll need to live in the south west or be willing to locate to get a job with this firm which are also rated very highly by their existing staff for pay and benefits. Head to jivesoftware.com for more information.

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