Top paid engineering jobs in the UK

The UK is a hub for engineers thanks to centuries of excellence in the sector. We’ve taken a look at the top paid engineering jobs in the UK beginning with those that are great for graduates, and ending with those that give the best salaries for chartered engineers.

General UK wages

The wage range for the industry in the UK begins at around £18,000 for graduate engineers taken on by a modestly sized regional engineering firm. Graduates who are lucky enough to get into a position with a global oil firm can expect to earn something like £33,000 for the same job. UK earnings for incorporated and chartered engineers are something like £43,000 and £55,000 respectively, although there are so many different engineering grades within the industry which make a huge variation in the salaries paid to engineers.

Graduate wages

A graduate with AECOM can expect to earn anywhere between £23,000 and £26,000. At the other end of the scale, a graduate with Unilever who’s part of the Unilever Future Leaders Programme will take home £30,000 per year. Most industries pay around £25,000 for their graduates.

Chartered engineers wages

In the UK the average wage for chartered engineers is £63,000, although around 14% of these guys earn more than £100,000 from their jobs. Overtime and commissions add an average of £6,000 to each worker’s pay packet.

Incorporated engineers

These engineers don’t earn as well as chartered engineers as the median in this sector is £45,500. When you average out the wages of workers within the top 10%, you get an average wage of £76,316. Bonuses are also lower in this sector as incorporated engineers only take home £5,000 from overtime and bonuses.


Research shows that getting better educated will lead to more money. Graduate level engineers can expect £56,000 whilst those with a post graduate degree earn an average of £62,000 as an engineer.

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