Top paid business careers

We all want a bit more cash in our pay packets but you might need to change careers to get more. The top paid business careers in the UK include a lot of the industries you’d expect and a few surprises.

Legal professionals

A career as a barrister, solicitor, legal executive, court clerk or judge will pay you well. The average earnings across the sector currently stand at £50,649. According to the Office for National Statistics though this profession only offers the 10th best average wage.

Air traffic controllers

Air traffic controllers earn an average of £51,911 per annum. Most of the remuneration package is in place to reward the workers for the amount of responsibility they take each and every day. Flight engineers and aircraft pilots get an average of £63,664 for their labours. Pilots need 250 hours of flight experience in order to earn from this line of work which probably opens the door to a few Hollywood types like John Travolta should a career change be needed.


Jobs in finance aren’t always well paid but if you can reach the top echelons on an organisation, you can do well. On average finance managers and accountants in the UK take home £77,931 per year. This is the sort of job where a mixture of experience and qualifications are required to reach the top.


This is a really important job, so everyone should be please to read that doctors earn well in the UK. The average wage stands at £81,744 per year. NHS funding cuts will always be an issue and general dissatisfaction from the great unwashed will also have to be absorbed but this is a rewarding job both from a job satisfaction and a financial view point.

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