Top jobs for 2016

Everyone wants the best for themselves at work but not many of us really have a choice of the type of work we can do thanks to the experience we build up within a specific field. If you do have a choice, for example if you’re just starting out in work, what careers offer the best job prospects and the highest wages?

Marketing manager

In the UK Marketing Managers earn an average of £47,000 per annum. This job is in high demand because the UK’s economy is improving. Glassdoor.co.uk have a career opportunity rating section on their site which ranks jobs out of 5. At the moment Marketing Manager jobs are the second highest rated at 3.6. The site typically has around 3,000 marketing jobs listed as open at any one time. This job involves writing copy, measuring successes and making customer-focused decisions that drive home a firm’s products or services.

Finance Manager

For a long time during the recession this was a secure but very stressful job but today’s Finance Managers aren’t firefighting, they’re helping management recover the business’s profitability. Glassdoor typically have something like 4,000 finance jobs listed and their rating says this a 3.2 out of 5 job. Current average wages for this position across the UK are £52,000.

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineering is a lucrative sector to be involved with. There are so many different grades within this job role so the average wage is pretty low at £34,799. The career opportunity rating of 3.5 means you can expect to make progress on this career path and the fact that Glassdoor typically list 6,000 jobs in this sector means that job security is very good.

Sales Manager

A Sales Manager’s position is another lucrative one as the average wage is £45,613. The career opportunity rating is also pretty high at 3.3 out of 5 and there are normally around 4,000 position listed on Glassdoor so you won’t need to stick with one firm if you want a successful career within sales.

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