Top jobs abroad!

Jobs abroad are a wonderful opportunity to enjoy another way of life, meet new people and gain international experience. If you're a UK citizen you can legally work right across the EU, giving you access to thousands of job openings right across Europe. Here are some of our favourite opportunities:

  • Bar staff are always in demand over the months of June, July and August. Working in a nightclub can be fun and rewarding, and it's likely that you'll return home with a new group of friends. Bar jobs in nightclubs usually don't require a lot of experience, but they do require you to be outgoing, friendly and presentable.
  • Hotel jobs come in many shapes and sizes - from reception and tour desk staff to restaurant staff and cleaners. However, many offer accommodation as part of your employment contract - and allow you to use the hotel's facilities on your time off. This could feel like being on a very long holiday!
  • Promotional work is best suited to young, bubbly people with an excellent sales technique. They are often 100 per cent commission based, but if you're good at your job you could make a nice little packet. Jobs in promotions are fairly easy come, easy go - perfect if you only want to work a couple of nights a week or if you only want a couple of weeks of work.
  • Holiday reps look after guests and make sure that their holiday is as fun and hassle free as possible. Try Thomas Cook or Thompson Holidays for the latest vacancies.

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