Top film schools in the UK

If you’ve ever fancied being the next Spielberg or Lucas, you’ll need to attend a film school to make your dreams come true. There are a number of top film schools in the UK but which ones will give you the best chance of realising your dream?

National Film and Television School NFTS

The NFTS is the natural place to begin looking for a course that will open up the industry to you. The NFTS is located in Beaconfield, Buckinghamshire and it’s accredited by the Royal College of Art. They have an excellent choice of courses, so whether you’re interested in cinematography, film score composition, directing animated movies or live action films, there’s a course for you. To discover more head to nfts.co.uk.

Met Film School

The Met Film School might be second on our list but there’s nothing inferior in their courses. The choice of courses available isn’t quite as comprehensive as those found at NFTS but if you’re interested in acting for the camera, directing or screenwriting and live within reach of the capital, this is the place for you. Other courses cover postproduction and cinematography among other things. The school is located within the historic Ealing Studios. Check out metfilmschool.ac.uk for more info.

Brighton Film School

This is another film school located in the south of the country but one that has an equally good reputation so those who live in the midlands or the north of England may want to give the Brighton Film School equal consideration. There’s not as much choice in terms of the courses but the facilities and equipment are very good. You’ll also find that the fees are a little less than those at some other schools and living in Brighton doesn’t cost as much as it does in the capital. Head to brightonfilmschool.co.uk for more info.

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