Top 5 summer jobs

If you're interested in summer jobs, you should be aware that your options are relatively limited. That's not to say that vacancies don't exist - but you should bear in mind that not all companies take on temporary summer staff, and in some industries (particularly professional industries) the practice is unheard of.

So when looking for excite eu search summer jobs, we recommend that you turn your attention to these five sectors...

  1. Tourism jobs - Summer is the peak travel season throughout the UK and Europe. There are plenty of great temporary vacancies in the industry, including rep jobs, driving jobs and tour guide jobs. What's more, many British travel companies offer summer jobs abroad in popular resorts in Spain, France and Italy.
  2. Retail jobs - The retail industry has a modest surge in business when there's good weather, so many retailers employ summer staff to help cover the busy months of July and August.
  3. Street fundraiser jobs - The good weather brings more people onto the street, and this is good news for charities who use street fundraisers. If you're outgoing and passionate, this could be a great opportunity for you.
  4. NHS jobs - NHS Trusts are an excellent source of employment for temporary summer jobs, as they hire hundreds of people to cover the popular holiday periods. Most will hire relief workers in everything from cleaning and catering staff to drivers and temporary nurses.
  5. Call centre jobs - Most call centres are very receptive to the needs of temporary workers, and many will be happy to offer short term contracts for two or three months.


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