Top 5 jobs for backpackers in Australia

Backpacker jobs are ideal for financing your travels, and for meeting people from diverse backgrounds. Here we provide our top five jobs for backpackers in Australia.


Many people choose to backpack because they love meeting different people. Jobs in hospitality offer the chance to do this on a regular basis, and get paid for it. Whether you find yourself in a hotel, or behind a bar, you’ll get the chance to fine-tune your people skills in pleasant environments.

Agricultural shows

The show circuit is big throughout Australia and because this is seasonal (typically May through to July) it presents great opportunities for backpackers.


Warehouses, factories and construction sites are always looking out for casual staff. Much of their work relies on temporary contracts. Keen individuals are taken on board for relatively short-term but invariably well paid roles. This makes them ideal for backpackers looking to make good money in a short period.

Farm work

Working on farms is a fantastic way to experience Australia’s great outdoors. If part of the reason you set out backpacking in the first place was to escape the city’s hustle and discover scenic tranquillity, farming is ideal. You’ll meet other like-minded people, your accommodation will be taken care of, and a full day’s work will certainly keep you fit and energetic!

Au pairs

Assisting in looking after kids is a perfect job for any backpacker with the relevant experience and qualifications. The perks include meeting new people, job satisfaction and free accommodation for the duration of your stint!


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