Top 3 business schools in the UK

Whether you are an international student or a UK resident student looking to pursue a business education, the UK boasts some of the best business schools anywhere in the world. The education system in the country comprises of undergraduate studies starting from high school diploma to degree programs and postgraduate and masters studies. There is no shortage of business schools to choose from in the country. Here are the best three business school options in UK you can enroll to advance your career.

1. London Business School

London Business School is one of the most prestigious business schools in the UK and also internationally. The school is located within easy reach of London and the West End. It offers world class MBA programmes that are recognized across the world. The standard MBA programme consists of full-time studies that runs for between 15 and 21 months and its executive MBA program (offered either in London or Dubia whilst working full time) lasts 20 months. Another popular program offered at the school is the Masters in Finance.

2. University Of Cambridge Judge Business School

Established in 1990, Cambridge Judge is the business school of the University of Cambridge. The University of Cambridge prides itself on being one of the oldest universities in the world and also one of the largest universities in UK. Originally known as the Judge Institute of Management Studies, Cambridge Judge Business School places particular focus on management teaching and research.

The school offers undergraduate, masters' and PhD programmes smaller than most, but with more close-up interaction and attention than most business schools. Close-up interaction between a diverse, highly talented student and teaching body creates an intellectually stimulating learning environment that has helped establish the institution as a leading business school in UK.

3. University Of Oxford Said Business School

Closing our list of three best business school options in the UK is the University Of Oxford Said Business School. The Oxford Said Business School is one of the youngest and most entrepreneurial business schools in Europe. It offers an undergraduate business program, as well as a full time MBA programme that runs for one year. As a fully integrated business school of the prestigious Oxford University, you can be sure you will benefit from the school’s world-class learning facilities, vibrant entrepreneurial culture and global outlook in terms of composition and structure of business programmes.

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