TNT Courier Jobs in the UK

TNT is one of the largest courier businesses operating in the UK with reach into the global market. Having a courier network that reaches so wide internationally means having a strong work force both at home in the UK and abroad. We will run through the various TNT courier jobs available in the UK.

A Career for Life

TNT courier jobs in the UK offer a strong career choice for those of you looking for a steady and secure position. As recently as 2010, TNT were named as one of Britain's Top Employers and the company places a lot of value in its workforce.

TNT have a dedicated section on their website for job vacancies. To see what kind of jobs are on offer, go to www.tnt.com/express/en_gb/site/home/about_us/careers/vacancies_current.html today and start your search for a courier job with TNT UK.

On the vacancies page, TNT have divided their vacancies into individual cagerories. For courier jobs, select the Driver category from the job listings menu and you will get back a list of all the current open driver positions with TNT in the UK. By simply clicking any one of these links you will get all the information you need about the exact details of the position, requirements of applicants and what qualifications are required as well as desired skills.

Other categories of interest to those of you looking for a non courier position with TNT include Warehouse Manager, Special Services, Procurement, Operations Management and Sales. A career in any of these fields will prove to be a wise choice with TNT's reputation for rewarding their employees well.

Possible Cutbacks

While there are plenty of TNT courier jobs in UK being advertised at the moment as well as plenty of jobs in other departments, recent news emerged from TNT headquarters that 6% of their international workforce will be shed over the course of the next three years. It is not yet clear at the moment how many of these, if any, will affect UK TNT workers.

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