Tips on working abroad

Are you about to head overseas to live and work? Working abroad can be one of the most memorable experiences of your life, and you can pick up lots of new skills. However, it can be difficult to settle in so far from home. Here are some tips on working abroad...

Tips on working abroad

1. Research the neighbours well

Where you're living can make a huge difference to how you perceive a town or city, and how much you enjoy your time there. Before you sign a lease to move in, speak to three or four locals about neighbourhoods in the city. You'll usually find that they have a very different story to landlords and letting agents...

2. Be reasonable with your boss

Your new employer has probably gone out on a limb to hire someone from abroad, and they'll probably expect an adjustment period. However it's important to come to a compromise about time off, appointments, paperwork etc. Maintaining good communication from the start is vital. First impressions count, so make a good one. If you need a long notice period, keep in touch with the employer throughout to "check in."

3. Get to know your coworkers

If you don't know anyone yet in the city, your coworkers are probably your best opportunity to get to know people and develop a healthy social circle. Keep things professional in the office, but it's a nice touch to send a group email (check the group email policy first) to introduce yourself and invite them out for a drink after work.

Quick tips on working abroad

  • Sign up for a free service like Skype to keep in touch with friends and family
  • Remember to redirect your post from your old address
  • Inform HMRC that you'll be working abroad and make sure you understand the tax obligations in both countries
  • Make the most of your experience!

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