Tips on sales calls

Cold calls are often a nuisance. They’re almost as unwelcome as high street sales men but they’re easier to deal with because the person receiving the call can just hang up. Making sure that you’re not left hanging on the line when you make a cold call is a matter of technique, and it’s something that is mastered over time and after a lot of short, sharp phone calls. We’ll give you some tips on sales calls that should get you passed the first exchange and give you a chance to present your product.
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Cold calling techniques

Cold calling is a very important stage in the selling process and the abilities you need for success are also skills you can take into other sales environments so calling members of the public is a great way to start out in a sales career. It’s also a transferable skill as lots of different industries make cold calls.

Numbers game

Don’t make the mistake of seeing cold calling as a numbers game. If you do, you’ll probably rush through the calls in the hope that you come across someone who already wants the product you’re selling. Cold calling isn’t just a way of catching those who are already interested in your product, it’s a method that can allow you to identify and create new business opportunities, establish relationships with clients you’ll be calling for many years and to pre-empt the competition.


There are a number of important techniques that will help you make the most of the opportunities that present themselves during a telesales session. The most basic one is preparation. Make sure you know the product inside and out so that you’re able to answer any questions without too much hesitation. The next thing you need to prefect is your introduction. Have some key phrases ready that help to explain your firm and the work you do. When faced with questions always help the customer and facilitate their needs. Don’t see their questions as an opportunity to sell them on your product. If they’re asking questions, they’re already interested. Always remain objective. If you do this, you won’t come across as a pushy sales man. Informing and education the subject about the product and listening and interpreting their responses are also major keys to successful sales calls.

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