Tips on how to choose what to study in college

Going to college can be a major step in your life so it’s an important one to get right. Getting the course that’s right for you probably sounds pretty simple, but it’s not when you consider what you’d like to do, what you want to achieve from it and mix that with what’s realistic for you given your academic achievements or lack of them at school. Thankfully, we’ve got a few tips that will help you choose what to study in college.
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Look to your family

This might sound like a strange thing to do because you should know better than a parent or sibling, but they’ve been there before so ask their advice. Recognising or admitting to your own faults and understanding your strengths is something that can take years to understand but your family and close friends are well placed to give you a little insight that could help you choose a course. If your family and friends are more pushy than supportive, you might want to consult your teachers.

Ask your teacher’s advice

Teachers are very well placed to make a judgement on your individual skills and they know the courses or at least have some understanding of what you’ll be facing at college, so if you have a teacher whose opinions you trust, why not ask their advice? Also make use of any careers advice that’s on offer and remember that these are people you can always go back to for further advice.

What makes you happy

Focusing on what makes you happy will definitely help you chose a college course that’s right for you. Always look for something that you’ll enjoy in the long run and consider course that will help you develop skills you already enjoy using. If you painting in your spare time, don’t choose a course in English Literature unless writing and reading are also interests of yours.

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