Tips for jobs working from home making cards

You may have heard about jobs working from home making cards. This may sound like a lovely way to make a living - plus there's the huge benefit of being able to do it from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

But it's not as easy as setting up shop, crafting some lovely cards and selling them on for a profit. In today's struggling market, you'll face huge competition from supermarket retailers, greetings card shop and even e-card websites. So how do you differentiate your products?

Well, this should come quite naturally if you market your cards correctly. You're selling something unique, something carefully designed and something home made. This gives you a real appeal over mass produced greetings cards.

But you'll have to use modern methods in order to promote your goods. The current financial climate makes it extremely difficult to get contracts with local businesses, or to secure business loans to back your venture.

Instead you'll have to rely on internet marketing. While this might sound daunting, it's actually very simple - and what's more, very cost effective. It's free to promote your cards on social media networks like Facebook or Twitter - get everyone you know to Like or Follow your business and your reputation should spread.

Setting up a website can also be very cheap, and extremely simple if you use a site template. You can then experiment with greeting cards ads that target specific groups of people. Special offers and free postage can help to entice customers.

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