Times Higher Education: UK university rankings

The Times Higher Education UK university rankings are some of the most accurate listings the world. They use 13 indicators of performance, from research to transfer knowledge, to judge potential contenders on their list. Their point award system is aimed to convey the most accurate representation of the university based on a lot more than just results, which is good if you're serious about going to an all-round excellent university.

Other rankings tend to list the top performers from the previous academic year, which can be considered an indicator of success to but not an accurate one; how can we be sure the previous results aren't just an coincidence, and that the majority of students who attended the university were actually incredibly bright for that year? It's not a very likely scenario, but it does show how results alone can't provide an accurate picture of the quality of teaching at a university.

Even if you choose your university from the Times Higher Education university rankings you really should consider going to view your institution before making an application.

When applying for the top universities you need to make sure your UCAS application really stands out as one of the best; the university will have a large pool of applicants to choose from if it's as good as the Times Higher Education university rankings say so you'll be up against a lot of competition.

The top universities, who are consistently appearing in the top ten places on the Times Higher Education university rankings, are:

  1. University of Oxford or University of Cambridge (usually joint first)
  2. Imperial College London
  3. University College London
  4. University of Edinburgh
  5. University of Bristol
  6. King's College London
  7. University of York
  8. Durham University
  9. University of Manchester
  10. Lancaster University


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