Efficient ways to look for tiling jobs in Australia

Looking for tiling jobs in Australia covers a lot of territory, as it’s a big country. Being able to narrow your search to a particular area will result in better search results. Also, if you have a particular type of tiling job that you are looking for, that can help narrow your search even more - for instance, if you are a roof tiler or mosaic tiler.

General Requirements

The first general requirement for finding ceramic tiling jobs in Australia is that you know how to lay tile. Being good at laying tile is a skill that comes with practice. It is also a skill that requires an eye for detail and a lot of patience. The majority of jobs in Australia require that you have a Building Service Authority (BSA) card, as well.

Where to Look For Tiling Jobs

If you are the entrepreneur type and have good references, you could start your own tiling business. There are advertisements placed for homeowners looking for good tiling workers to retile bathrooms, kitchens and more. Check at servicecentral.com.au for these freelance positions and for jobs openings placed by regular employers.

Listing your skills with recruitment agencies can often be the fastest way to finding an Australian job. Agencies have access to multiple job openings and can offer a wider range of options than you will find in a newspaper. Try careerjet.com.au, jobsearch.gov.au or simplyhired.com.au. More focused websites are tilingjobs.com.au and engineeringjobs.net.au.

What Kind of Salary to Expect

Tiling jobs generally pay well, but like any other job, it depends on your experience. Starting salary begins at around $16.72 and can go up to $25.00 for a tile or marble setter. Some jobs can pay as high as $60+ GST per sqm, for the most exacting tilers.


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