Applying for Tiger Tiger jobs in London

Tiger Tiger is a chain of restaurants that has branches open all over the UK. One of these branches is located in London. Like all restaurants this company needs to have chefs, kitchen hands, waiters, waitresses and hosts in order to function well. People who are interested in applying for these Tiger Tiger jobs in London should contact the company directly in order to find out whether the branch has any vacancies.

The reason behind this is that the official Tiger Tiger website which is located at Tigertiger-london.co.uk, does not have any information on employment opportunities. Therefore it is very likely that the company hires their staff from word of mouth recommendations and walk-in applications. This is something that is very common in the hospitality industry as restaurants do not have time to interview several applicants. Instead they tend to hire experienced staff who can start work straight away.

Those who are interested in working for this restaurant or similar establishments will need to make sure that they are either experienced in hospitality or have a relevant qualification. Restaurants will often pick experienced candidates over staff that they will have to train. There are several schools in London that job seekers can go to in order to get a hospitality qualification. Some of these schools include Lewisham College and The London Bartending Academy.

The best way to apply for these positions is for the applicant to take a copy of their CV to the restaurant. If the manager is not available they can leave their CV behind. In the best case scenario, the restaurant will take a look at the CV when a position opens up.


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