Thinking of volunteering?

There is a massive range of volunteering opportunities making it easy to find something to suit you and your skillset. It is the chance to do something useful without getting paid (other than expenses), meet new people and having the satisfaction of time well spent. There is no age limit for volunteers although under 16s and over 65s may find that there is a reduced availability of roles.

You can volunteer pretty much anywhere and in any capacity whether you have a couple of hours spare per week or a couple of days. There are roles with children or adults, indoors or outside, in the daytime or during the evenings.

Many of the large broadsheet newspapers have a section of volunteer jobs – check out The Guardian, or consult a website specifically looking at these opportunities. We like the do-it website. You can always take a look at more generic websites too such as gumtree. You could even go directly to a more specific volunteer sector such as the Metropolitan Police and see what vacancies they have.

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