The world's your oyster...Get a job abroad!

When it comes to bagging a job overseas, the EU has made things even easier for us Brits to get jobs across Europe. So if you fancy jetting off to a fabulously chic city like Rome, Paris or Berlin...then get doing the legwork now and find yourself a job because it's now easier than ever to get over there and find work. Two shakes of your tail and you could be hob-nobbing with the cool and interesting in any uber chic European hotspot.

Like? Then get checking out the Eurojobs website along with Monster and the UN webiste for interesting jobs that appeal to you in a city you've always wanted to live in.

If you fancy going further afield and aren't lucky enough to have the golden ticket Green Card to the US, Asia and South America are feesible options. Teaching English with a TEFL qualification in South America or Asia is a popular option for those wishing to travel, immerse themselves in different cultures (and hot weather) while also earning their keep.

As a last resort, backpacking your way around Australia while you fruit-pick and make beds is a good way to have fun and you could even save a buck or two in the process if you are shrewd. But if you're planning on a trip to Oz, your best bet is to head for Sydney or Melbourne first and try to get into one of the big companies there doing a role similar to the one you do back at home. Do your research before you go and apply for jobs before you go as you may just strike it lucky. This way you really could make some money to fund your travels - and who knows, play your cards right they may even invest in you to stay out there indefinitely!

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