Using the West Australian to find jobs in Perth, WA

If you are looking to find work in Perth, Western Australia (WA), then The West Australian is a great starting place. Often referred to colloquially as The West, the tabloid is the only locally edited newspaper in the city of Perth.

Thankfully, for those living outside of Australia and unable to get their hands on a copy of the newspaper, there is also an online edition which features a full jobs page, allowing users to browse a range of vacancies in several different economic sectors.


If the job seeker is not an Australian citizen, then they must ensure that they have full permission to work in the country before agreeing to take up any vacancy offered.

An up-to-date CV is also required, preferably in electronic form, so that it can be emailed easily to potential employers in WA. Job hunters should also be aware that Australian employers may need additional explanation of some qualifications and experience.

If certain professional or vocational qualifications are held, it is also worth checking that they are transferable to Australia. Some training may need to be undertaken again in order to ensure compliance with local regulations.

Using the website

The easiest way to access The West Australian's jobs section for Perth WA, is to go to Wjobs.com.au. They can also sign up for email alerts regarding vacancies for the site, which should help with finding something suitable.

Much of the West Australian economy is based around extractive industries, and the website's lay-out reflects this, with separate sections for Mining and Oil and Gas jobs. There are, of course, other sections covering the diverse range of opportunities available, while 'Hot Jobs' are also listed on the site's homepage, providing a useful, quick 'scan search' of possibilities.

Specific Trades

As well as an advanced job search facility, which allows users to focus on very specific job sectors and geographical areas in Western Australia, there are also a range of other services available.

The site operates a 'jobmail' facility, where users can receive emails detailing the latest suitable vacancies, and if job seekers sign up to the site, then they can maintain a detailed portfolio of applications.

Resumes and Cover Letters

CVs, or resumes, can also be saved to a user's account, as can their accompanying cover letters. The site has a range of guides and tools available to help users with writing letters and composing resumes.

Another interesting feature is the Salary Survey, which uses a job seeker's experience, qualifications and previous salary to 'calculate' the true market value and kind of realistic wage demands which can be made.

For non-Australians, the site also has a free online tool which allows job seekers to assess their eligibility for a visa in Australia, making it a convenient and all-round facility for those seeking work in Perth.

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