The Electrical Agent, the right man for Electical Jobs Recruitment

At Electrical Agent, www.electricalagent.com, you will find Electrical, Electrician, Apartment Maintenance, Facilities Maintenance Jobs and other industry related positions that are just a few clicks away.

Electrical Agent considers itself to be like a ‘Professional Sports Agent’ for the Electrical Industry. They actively scout the best Electrical Jobs for you and find those jobs that will provide you with the highest pay, best benefits, and most growth potential. Oh, and Electrical Agent's process is 100% private and free to you, the Job Seeker.

What do they mean by 100% private? Unlike a traditional Internet Career Site, they do not allow employers to freely search resumes/profiles on their site. 

So, if you are currently employed, your employer will not be able to see your information.

There are currently positions for Installation Electricians, Foremen, Apprentice Electricians and estimators, among many others.

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