The best student jobs abroad for summer

Are you looking for student jobs abroad for summer? When it comes to organising an overseas placement, careful planning is a must. You'll not only have to find a vacancy and compete with other applicants, but you'll have to organise a working visa (if looking for a job outside the EU), organise tax numbers (like national insurance), find somewhere to live and, finally, book your flights! It's therefore a good idea to plan your job ahead of time. Here are some of the top vacancies to get you started...

  • Au Pair jobs in France - many wealthy French families take on au pairs over the summer to help with child care while the kids are on holidays. Native English speakers are in relatively high demand. Pay isn't usually very good but you'll get free food and board and a reasonable amount of free time to travel and enjoy yourself!
  • Bar jobs in Spain - Spain is one of Britain's favourite holiday destinations, and all those holiday makers create a lot of jobs in the hospitality industry. In resorts popular with British travellers, you don't even require fluent Spanish - although a basic understanding would be useful.
  • Tour guide jobs in Ireland - Ireland may not seem as exciting as some of the other work abroad options, but it has the huge advantage of being English speaking and cheap to travel to. Tour guides are in high demand in July and August, and if you're outgoing and love working with people, this could be for you.


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