The best places to look for part time jobs in London

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The service industries provide employment to over 85% of the workforce in London. Anyone with skills and experience in the industry can find plenty of part time jobs in London.

London's economy relies heavily on the finance and business service sectors. Approximately one million financial service-related jobs are based in London. The City is home to banks, insurers, brokers and accounting firms, all with the promise of part time jobs for suitably qualified candidates.

Along with professional services, media companies are concentrated in London and the the media distribution industry is a major employer here. Many national newspapers and broadcasters operate in the city.

The manufacturing industry is the largest industrial sector in London. Over 16% of the total workforce is engaged in this industry. Some of the best industries to find part time work include electronics, chemical, food processing, aircraft, shipbuilding and vehicle manufacture.

Tourism is also a major industry of London which generates a large number of part time opportunities. London is, by far, the most visited city in the world.

London is full of sporting venues which cater for both domestic and foreign customers. Part time jobs are available in places like Wimbledon in the Summer and stadiums such as Stamford Bridge and Whitehart Lane during the Winter.

Retail companies such as Dunhill, Asprey and Burberry are all reporting growth in sales. The capital gains because these shops provide part time jobs.

Finding a part time jobs in London can be as simple as applying directly to a company you are interested in. Jobseekers also have excellent resources available to them like jobsites, recruitment agencies, jobcentres, temping agencies, newspapers and radio stations.

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