The best-paid jobs for 2014 in the UK

Whether you live to work or work to live, what you’re paid is very important. Nowadays with the state we find the British economy, getting and keeping a well-paid job are two entirely different things. We’ve compiled a list of the best paid jobs for 2014 in the UK which might surprise you.

Top 5

The Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings 2013 shows that the CEOs and company directors earn the most money per year, pocketing an average of £84,453. The survey concentrates on directors of companies with more than 500 employees as firms with less probably don’t produce the sort of profits that allow for such high earnings.

Company directors

The following top ten are drawn from the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (Ashe). It uses data taken from a 1pc sample of employees paid via PAYE and works out the median gross salary. It does not cover the self-employed or employees not paid during the reference period. The median gross pay for all employees in 2012 was £26,462.

Aircraft pilots

The second highest earners on average are aircraft pilots. The survey wrapped flight engineers and flying instructors together with pilots to come up with an average wage of £78,356.

Marketing directors

The nation’s third highest earners are marketing directors. This goes to show just how important brand image, marketing and media manipulation are nowadays to corporations. On average these guys walk away with £68,438 per year.

Transport associate professionals

This category includes air traffic controllers and ship and hovercraft officers. The average wage in this role is £64,889 but the survey showed that salaries range from £37,443 to £88,829.

Medical practitioners

People in the medical profession deserve to be paid well because of the job they do, so we’re glad that medical practitioners are in the top five for average wages in the UK. The survey lumped surgeons, anesthetists, GPs, consultants, physicians, registrars and psychiatrists together to come up with an average wage of £63,677.

Average wage

The country’s top earners take away millions a year in wages and share options, while the lowest paid can expect a minimum wage of £6.31 per hour, which will be increasing to £6.50 from October. If you’re not working in one of the country’s top professions, you should compare yourself to the national average salary which currently stands at £26,462 per annum.

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