The best jobs for mothers at home

When your children reach an age when they no longer need minute to minute attention, boredom can set in for stay at home mothers. There are always jobs to do around the house but they don’t pay cash so maybe paid work is the answer. We’ll outline some jobs for mothers at home that most people can do.
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Avoiding scams

Before you take on any work be aware of the short of scams out there that. Anyone asking you to commit your own money is to be avoided. Even if they’re a legit firm, you’re looking for work not an investment opportunity.

Data entry and transcribing

This is a very basic form of work that’s available online. It won’t pay well but there will be plenty of work. Online secretarial works pays a little more but it needs a bit more commitment. If you’re working as a virtual secretary for a firm, you’ll be expected to write up reports and draft letters to a tight time scale that may not fit into your life if the kids are still small. The medical industry often advertise for transcribers. You’ll need a high words per minute ratio to make the money worthwhile, but this is a job that can often be completed when the kids are in bed.

Avon rep

This is a flexible earning opportunity because the hours suit you and your family. An independent Avon representative can make decent money so if make-up is your passion, check out avon.uk.com.

Kids come first

Whatever job you chose, you’re limited because the kids have to come first. Aim for flexible work so jobs that have loose timeframes for completion make the most sense. If you can find something with the opportunity for additional work when finances are tight, that would also be a great boost.

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