The best France jobs

If you want to work in France and aren't fussy about the careers open to you, we've rounded up some top France jobs available to people who aren't fluent in French. If you are fluent in French, you can check out some of the many job search sites based in France.

Before we begin, it's worth noting that some French language ability is highly desirable, and basic French is almost necessary to get by if you're going to be living in France for an extended period of time.

  • Au pair jobs - English speaking au pairs are in reasonably high demand among wealthy French families. Duties may include childcare, housework and possibly giving language lessons to the children.
  • Bar jobs - You can get by working in a French bar by learning commonly used phrases. The names of the drinks are fairly universal! Jobs in an English or Irish pub in tourist areas may not require any French language whatsoever.
  • Chef jobs - If you are a professional chef, the chance to work in a French restaurant may seem too good to pass up. As with bar jobs, you'll need to learn a limited range of vocabulary - but most important is your talent and flair for cooking.
  • English proofreading services - Many French people speak English, and many write correspondence in English too. Native speakers are often hired to proofread these documents.
  • Work from home jobs - With work from home jobs, you can usually be based anywhere in the world. Common opportunities are website design and online tutoring.


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