The Apprentice is undermining apprenticeships says Vince Cable

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The Business Secretary, Vince Cable has either ‘launched a withering attack’ on TV’s pitiful ‘The Apprentice’ or made some reasoned, relevant points about the programme – depending on whether you like your news served up with hysteria or not.

Mr Cable has expressed his concern that the name of the programme is actively sabotaging attempts to resurrect the relevance of apprenticeship schemes and draw young people away from endless ‘Media Studies’ degrees and into vocational training. The glib, unpleasant, ludicrous format of the show, and the heavy handed dramatic venom may well be painting a false picture of what apprenticeship is actually like. If young people start to believe that an apprenticeship involves being abused by a vain, abrasive, toad of a man whose own business career is littered with laughable failure, then you would forgive them for wanting to give it a swerve. Let alone being surrounded by unbearable, uber competitive fellow apprentices.

Mr Cable’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills is doubling the number of apprenticeships from the current 260,000 to 480,000 by 2022. Apprenticeships were once a cornerstone of British industry and British education, and provided expertise in specific skills rather than a glut of half hearted degrees in subjects that struggle to provide employment.

Mr Cable expressed his ‘reservations’ about the format and said “I know that The Apprentice is designed to be dramatic television viewing but it has very little to do with apprentices – people who are doing a serious piece of vocational training,”

“I worry that whatever the attractions of the programme as a piece of TV theatre, it gives people a completely false impression about what being an apprentice actually involves.”

Dragon’s Den however was smiled upon. Mr Cable described the show as "a much more realistic way of assessing the potential of small businesses", adding that it has made "a major contribution towards promoting entrepreneurs".

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