Could TGI Fridays careers be for you?

If you're looking for a job in hospitality, TGI Fridays careers could be for you. They offer a range of positions, from drinks runners to managers. We've compiled a list of considerations to help you decide whether TGI Fridays careers are right for you...

  • As with any other bar and restaurant job, you need to have excellent customer service skills. TGI Fridays place a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, and all staff - even "behind the scenes" workers like chefs, cleaners and kitchen porters - must put the customer at the heart of their working practices.
  • TGI Fridays ask for bar or restaurant experience for their bar and waiting jobs. However, full training is provided for all their positions. They have a comprehensive cocktail and mocktail list (with some of the drinks having a non-traditional ingredient list), so if you want to work in the bar, cocktail training is an important part of the induction process.
  • You'll need a sense of fun and an outgoing personality for any front of house position. TGI Fridays is renowned for its over the top birthday celebrations and unique uniforms with badge collections. A sense of humour really comes in useful for this!
  • Can you cope under stressful situations? TGI Fridays look for staff who can deliver top customer service even when the restaurant is full. You should have the ability to remain calm under pressure, deal with any problems in a measured and rational manner, and work efficiently to ensure the maximum turn around of customers.


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