We check out TFL London jobs for graduates

With the level of uncertainty over the future of the United Kingdom's economy, and that of Europe in general, growing with each passing week, there are many graduates out there right now who are starting to wonder whether they have wasted their time in school given that there are so few jobs available these days.

If this sounds like you, or you are getting close to your graduation but are starting to feel worried at the lack of potential job opportunities available in the British workplace at the moment, then we can help to ease your fears.

There are many great companies and government bodies out there who operate excellent graduate schemes designed to attract the very best and brightest minds in the country straight out of college before their competitors snap them up. With these graduate courses you'll be able to learn the ropes from seasoned professionals while being built up for more senior positions when you are deemed ready.

One such organisation to operate this kind of scheme is TFL London. Transport for London's job is to ensure that the major methods of public transport in the city are kept running as smoothly as possible at all times. In order to do this, they need a constant influx of smart graduates to help push the organisation forwards.

They need all kinds of forward thinking individuals trained in a wide range of different disciplines such as information technology, management, engineering, logistics, marketing, accountancy and much more. With plenty of positions available and a vibrant working environment for you to contribute to, we think you should give it some serious thought.

You can find everything you need to know at their careers website, located at tfl.gov.uk/microsites/graduates/default.asp.

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