TfL Jobs: A Smart Career Move

In this day and age a job that can offer you a steady and reliable career can be very difficult to unearth. Difficult but not impossible. Transport for London are looking for hard working employees to ensure that public transport in London flows along without a hitch. Lets discuss the various TfL jobs on offer.

A Job for Life

One reason for looking more closly at TfL jobs is the excellent overall benefits package on offer. Employees get a competitve salary as well as a full month of vacation time. As a full time employee you will be entitled to a 75% discount off of National Rail Season Tickets and you get a free travel pass for you and one member of your family in the London area. There is an keen emphasis put on your overall health too with a bike to work scheme as well as various health and leisure offers to avail of.

Many jobs are on offer with TfL too and not just the expected train and bus driving jobs. There a number of high end jobs in the technology and software filed as TfL work hard to modernise their transport system to thrive in the 21st century. Opportunities also present themselves in planning, engineering, project management, procurement architecture, communications and delivery capability.

TfL have a dedicated search and apply section on their website so keep track of the updates to be first to react to new positions. You can start your search today for a postition with Transport for London at www.tfl.gov.uk/corporate/jobs/default.aspx.

Work Your Way into a Job

You can take advantage of apprenticeships too if you are willing to start from the ground up for TfL jobs in fields such as engineering, project management, highway technician and operations. Apprenticeships are a great way to get your foot in the door while also gaining invaluable experience in the field.

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