Look for retail jobs with Tesco vacancies in St Helens

Always fancied a career in retail management? Or just really like the idea of refilling the bakery shelves with fresh bread and cakes? Wherever your supermarket ambitions lie, there are probably suitable Tesco vacancies in St Helens.

If you want to take the first step on the ladder to a career with the company, you'll need to submit an application at the Tesco careers website at tesco-careers.com. This is where the company advertises management trainee positions and pharmacy posts.

If your online application meets with approval, Tesco will invite you for interview in Central London. This is the time to do a little research about the company history and business ethos. The way to impress is to show that you are already half the way to understanding the Tesco way of doing business.

Back at the workface, there are a number of opportunities for shopfloor work, stocking shelves, working on checkouts, in the food departments or in the distribution centres.

These jobs, many of them paid on an hourly basis, are allocated by individual store managers. Make the approach directly and impress them with your personable nature, adaptable work ethic and the willingness to work flexible hours. Reliable workers will find that there are plenty of opportunities for advancement and for learning a range of retail sector skills.

There are 11 different Tesco stores within an 8 mile radius of St Helens town centre, from compact Tesco Metro stores right up to substantial Tesco Extra super stores. That should add up to a regular stream of Tesco vacancies in and around St Helens.

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