We look at what you can expect from Tesco vacancies in Leicester

Tesco is far and away one of the most recognisable brands in the United Kingdom, and thanks to the fact that they are always looking to expand their services to an ever increasing number of British towns and cities, there are always job opportunities available with them. By keeping an eye on www.tesco-careers.com you'll be able to keep up to date with the latest vacancies available with the company.

However this site only tells part of the tale. By calling into your local store, you'll be able to chat to a member of management in order to find out the availability of positions in store that haven't been advertised on their website. For companies like Tesco this is often common practice, as it is left to the individual stores' management teams to advertise for positions if they so wish, and many simply prefer to deal with vacant positions as and when they arise by inviting in store applications from the public.

While the most common Tesco vacancies in Leicester are based around customer service, in particular working as a cashier for between £5.18 and £5.67 per hour, there are a number of behind the scenes positions that often become available.

You can check out www.tesco-graduates.com for examples of the wired and varied job types available with the supermarket behemoth. Many people are often surprised by the huge variety in positions, but when you realise that a company like Tesco doesn't get to be as big as it is without the most talented individuals working behind the scenes it will all start to make a little more sense.

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