How to get a Tesco UK job

Are you looking for a Tesco UK job? Tesco are one of the UK's largest employers, and their roles range from front of house retail staff to advertising managers. They have a range of vacancies to suit all skills levels and dozens of areas of expertise, and some of their opportunities are ideal for people with no working experience while others are aimed at graduates or experienced managers.

So how do you find a Tesco UK job? There are a range of methods to use. Here are some tips to help...

  • The Tesco Careers website has a comprehensive listing of all professional and skilled positions available. You'll find head office jobs, driver jobs and manager jobs listed here. During major recruitment campaigns (for example, when a new store is opening or around Christmas time), you will also find casual and unskilled positions advertised on the site. The site is easy to use and allows you to filter positions by category and location. You can usually upload your CV and apply online for the positions that interest you.
  • Many casual positions are advertised in store. This includes positions for check out staff and shelf stackers. You can usually apply in store by bringing along a copy of your CV and cover letter and asking to speak to the manager.
  • If you know someone who works with Tesco, ask them to keep an ear out for news of vacancies or store openings. They will be able to tell you if someone hands in their notice, giving you advance warning of a vacancy.


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