Find Tesco new store vacancies!

Interested in a job in retail? Tesco new store vacancies is one of the best way to secure employment. Tesco are a superb company to work for, with a range of benefits (including flexible working) and a decent salary.

What new vacancies will be created?

The majority of new store vacancies will be unskilled positions, such as check out assistants, shelf stackers, cleaners and, if the supermarket has a Tesco cafe, catering staff. There will also be positions for bakers and butchers.

At Tesco, managers are usually promoted within. This means that when a new store opens, an existing member of staff may be moved from another store into a supervisor or management role. However, vacancies for these positions may also be advertised externally - so keep an eye out for job ads.

All in all, a new medium sized Tesco store could create upwards of 150 jobs.

How do I find out about new Tesco stores?

The local media is the best source of information for news about new supermarket store openings. Your local paper will probably carry the story as soon as Tesco applies for planning permission. From this point it could take several years before the store opens it doors - with recruitment happening in the six month period before the store opens.

What qualifications do I need for Tesco jobs?

This depends on the position you are interested in, but for the majority of new store vacancies you won't require any formal qualifications. Experience, while not essential, is preferable.


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