Why not try Tesco jobs in Swindon?

Tesco jobs in Swindon can get you working with a company committed to growth and excellent staff care. Tesco are an equal opportunities employer and offer competitive salaries at every level, from cashiers to store managers.

Tesco have 12 stores within a seven mile radius of the town centre. These stores are:

  • Swindon Extra; Ocotal Way. Tel: 0845 6779653.
  • Swindon Metro; 13-17 The Parade. Tel: 0845 6779645.
  • Toothill Swindon Express; Dunwich Drive. Tel: 0845 6746520.
  • Swidon Abbey meads Express; Unit 4 Abbey Meads Village Centre. Tel: 0845 0269053.
  • Wroughton Express; 1-9 Eleendune Shopping Centre, Wroughton. Tel: 0845 6746508.
  • Swidon Liden Express; Liden Village Centre. Tel: 0845 0269103.
  • Shaw Ramleaze Drive Express; Shaw Village Centre. Tel 0845 0269280.

Of these, the Swidon Extra is the largest offering more employment and a full range of product lines including a phone shop, pharmacy, opticians, petrol station and cafe.

Jobseekers looking for work in store as a customer assistant, cashier or shelf stacker can pick up an application form in any store. If the company requires someone who meets your profile you will be called for interview.

Some stores may advertise vacancies in store on the Tesco Careers website. Candidates can apply online, if you are successful you will be contacted in due course.

Graduates have an opportunity to gain experience and skills working in Tesco. The company offers graduate training programmes which can lead to long term careers with the company. You can get information and apply on tesco-gradutes.com.

The Tesco Careers website will also advertise in store management positions as they arise. You can apply using the online application form. If Tesco think you would be an asset to their company they will contact you for an interview.

Tesco jobs in Swindon have something to offer most people from all walks of life. Considering any in store job in Swindon could be a stepping stone to a long and prosperous career.


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