Tesco Jobs in Nottingham

Tesco has jobs in almost every area. In addition to retail positions and speciality positions such as pharmacists and opticians, the store has a huge variety of jobs in numerous areas -- such as personnel, accounting, business development and information technology -- at its many head offices.

Certain Tesco jobs in the Nottingham area can be found on the Tesco Careers website. As of the time of writing, there are two available vacancies in Nottingham, both in the optical division, as an optometrist in the Nottingham Beeston Tesco, or working at the Nottingham Toton branch as an optician manager. However, the site does not post customer service positions, and Tesco encourages applicants to visit the store they would like to work at to find out more.

How to Apply for Tesco Jobs in Nottingham - Visit your local Tesco and talk to staff to apply for customer representative jobs. Applicants interested in managerial, speciality or head office positions should visit the Tesco Careers website to search for jobs and apply online.

Promotional Opportunities - Tesco is committed to developing staff within the company and providing opportunities for promotion. A prime example is Chief Executive Officer Terry Leahy joined the company in 1979 as a managerial trainee, and promoted through the ranks to eventually manage the company.

Benefits - Tesco offers a wide variety of benefits to staff. Possibly one of the best perks is the staff discount card. Provided to employees who have at least six months of service, the discount card allows staff to receive a 10 percent discount on shopping.

Additional benefits include shares in Tesco after you've been in the job a year; a share save and purchase program; pension and life insurance.

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