Some useful information about Tesco jobs in Slough

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Tesco jobs in Slough provide major employment for the area. Tesco are the UK's number one retailer and have 10 stores within a five mile radius of Slough town centre. Many of these stores not only sell groceries but provide services such as petrol stations, pharmacies, phone shops, opticians and cafes.

Many of these store are open 24 hours and provide a variety of full time, part time, evening and weekend jobs. There are also night shift positions available. The company offers competitive salaries at all levels from cashiers to management.

Applying for a cashier, floor operative or storeman job in one of the stores in Slough is not too difficult. You can pick up an application form in any store. If you are successful at the interview stage, you should be starting work within a few weeks and can expect to earn approximately £7 per hour.

If you are a recent graduate, Tesco could have work to suit your qualifications and ambitions. They offer 17 different programmes for graduates in three management areas, the store, office and distribution. You should look at their website www.tesco-graduates.com for information regarding positions and how to apply.

If you have management experience in the retail industry and fancy a move to Tesco you should take a look at www.tesco-jobs.com. This site advertises a wide range of management positions and candidates can apply online.

Some stores will advertise in-store positions like cashiers on the Tesco jobs website, but this is not the norm. For in-store Tesco jobs in Slough it is best to apply with the application form, CV and cover letter.


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