Applying for Tesco jobs in Portsmouth

Been eyeing up a potential job in Tesco? The retailer is the perfect place to get your career in retail started off thanks to the sheer variety of different roles that they offer to prospective employees! In this blog, we are going to check out applying for Tesco jobs in Portsmouth, so let's have a look.

No matter what type of retail you would like to specialise in, Tesco likely have a job that you would be interested in. They verge from stock room jobs, forklift driving, retail assistants, even pharmacists and financial experts for their fledging pharmaceutical and finance divisions. They are a truly 24/7 operation, so they offer a flexible range of careers to reflect that.

Staff nowadays are harder to box into a steady 9 to 5 lifestyle, and Tesco realise that, so they offer all staff a wide range of flexible working options to suit their circumstances, as well as the option to switch your shift with another member of staff.

Applying for the role of your choice at Tesco is a simple matter of heading into your nearest store and filling out a job application form. You can find out where your nearest store is by locating it on the Tesco Store locator at tesco.com/storelocator. On the Tesco site, you can also check out all of their openings at their head office in the admin side of things. Don't be afraid to start at the bottom with Tesco either, as their Chief Executive Sir Terry Leahy started as a humble sales assistant in 1979.


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