What types of entry-level Tesco jobs in Derbyshire can you do?

Thinking about looking for an entry-level job at Tesco in Derbyshire but not sure what you could do? Surprising to many, entry-level Tesco jobs in Derbyshire aren't just limited to working at the till or being a sales assistant. Tesco has so many types of jobs available, you may find yourself doing something completely unexpected.

Sales Assistant - Of course, the normal starting job at Tesco is as a sales assistant. Working in specific departments or covering more than one, you'll learn all about food, clothing, sports equipment, electronics, toys and much more. If you love retail, or even just adore shopping, you'll get a kick out of helping run a department.

Restaurant Assistant - If you like being in the catering business or preparing food, working in a Tesco restaurant is a great way to get experience. If you have good customer service skills too, Tesco will love you.

Stock Control Assistant - You'll work on counting stock in various departments and ordering new stock that's selling fast. Some positions are during the day, others are at night - perfect if you're in school or need a second job.

Cash Office Assistant - Do you like working with money and have good maths skills? Then working in the back office as a cash office assistant could be fun. There are various shifts available, so you should find one to fit your schedule.

Checkouts Assistant - Do you like meeting people and making their day just a bit brighter with a smile? Can you work fast and accurately and keep doing that for a few hours at a time? Are your maths skills up to snuff? Then working a checkout job is a fast-paced, interesting line of work and one Tesco in Derbyshire constantly recruits for.

These are just a few of the many entry-level positions available at Tesco in Derbyshire. They're all different, all require high energy, reliability and someone who is smart and tidy. If you're all these things, you're a shoe-in.

You can find all the available vacancies at Tesco in Derbyshire at stores.tesco-careers.com/jobsearch.cfm and apply directly online.

Or, you can apply in person at any Tesco store including those at Kipling Drive, Mickleover, Derby, Rutland Street, Ilkeston, Derbyshire and Witham Close, Hilton, Derby.

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