Tesco jobs for students

Although your fees are covered and the student loan will provide enough money for your rent and food, you’ll need some cash if you want to have a memorable time as an undergraduate. Working in a supermarket won’t be too mentally taxing so you’ll be able to think about your studies without too much distraction from work. Tesco offer jobs for students that are tailored to the lifestyle, so let’s have a look at how you can get one.
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Tesco are a huge firm so there are always lots of opportunities. You might find several Tesco supermarkets and lots of Tesco Metros in your area which means lots of opportunities. Rather than knocking on their door and asking about recruitment, you should check out tesco-careers.com. There’s a dedicated section for students looking for work at the site as well as a section about the application process.

Application process

The process is very simple. Check out tesco.com/store-locator to find the shops closest to you and then take a walk down to them and find out if there are jobs available. If so, an application form will be passed to you with details of where it should be sent to when completed.


If you enjoy your time with Tesco and want to stay on, visit tesco-graduates.com and check out the opportunities for graduates. Tesco make regular visits to campuses up and down the country where they introduce their vision and career opportunities to students like you. You’ll find information on the events taking place closest to you by checking the site. You will also find jobs applicable to graduates at jobsearch.tesco-careers.com where management and head office roles are listed.

Don’t forget to have fun

No matter what you do, enjoy your time as a student. Don’t forget to have some fun because the serious work can wait till your studies are over.

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