Tesco jobs in cabra, dublin 7

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Are you looking for Tesco jobs in Cabra Dublin 7? If so you could be in luck, as Tesco are planning a 120 million euro investment in stores throughout the country. This breaks down into 150 new jobs in the Cabra branch of Tesco.

Tesco are already a huge employer in Ireland and with the addition of new jobs in Cabra, the company is becoming an important force in the community.

There are a huge number of jobs available with Tesco ranging from entry to graduate level placements. The most common type of employment with Tesco is the cashier position. For this position it is required to have a friendly persona,as you are dealing with the public on a daily basis. The job entails scanning groceries while dealing with cash, credit card or debit card based transactions.

There are also positions available in stocking the shelves, the fruit and veg department, or the butchers section in which traineeships as a butcher might occur from time to time.

If you are a holder of a recent degree, preferably relating to the retail sector, you might be eligible for their graduate program. In order to find the relevant information visit tesco-graduates.com, where you will find all the information you require.

There has never been a better time to secure employment with Tesco. With many sectors in the economy suffering from the recession, Tesco is still going from strength to strength. So why not apply for a job in the Cabra store today?



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