We look at Tesco jobs in Birr Offaly Ireland

Since the company's introduction to Ireland in the 1990s, Tesco has quickly risen to become one of the major employers in the Irish retail sector. With new stores opening on a regular basis and an ongoing recruitment drive aimed at bringing in the very best and brightest minds in the country at any given time, Tesco offer a very attractive propositions for anyone currently out of work who fancies a job that can bring them a wide range of challenges and potential career progression options.

Many people write off work with Tesco as simply working the till as a cashier or stocking shelves on the shop floor. While it's true that these positions are among the most commonly advertised with the company, it's unfair to label them as jobs that are below you.

Given the current economic state of Ireland, many people would be absolutely delighted to get a job of any description, never mind one working for an established multi national company who are always looking to expand their services, while offering their staff the chance to work their way up through the employment ladder at all times.

Cashier or floor operative jobs at Tesco, starting at between €9.28 and €9.68 per hour, are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the kind of positions available with the company. There are a number of exciting Tesco jobs in Birr Offaly Ireland available for graduates and proven individuals with a strong track record in a number of disciplines from accountancy to marketing, and information technology to management.

You can keep up to date with the latest vacancies at www.tesco.ie/careers.

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