How to perform a Tesco job search

It's easy to perform a Tesco job search. You can either go to the official Tesco online website and search through the various departments and areas or check out some of the independent sites that advertise Tesco jobs. See:

  • tesco-careers.com (official site)
  • tescojob.net
  • tescojobs.com

The most difficult part of the Tesco job search process is deciding what you want to do. There are jobs available in Distribution, Head Office, Management, Customer Service, IT, Pharmacy, Procurement and Banking. Tesco also offer Graduate training schemes for those who have just left university and would like to advance through a career with Tesco. If you fancy a job that involves travelling you may also want to look at the international positions that they have available.

To find your perfect role you can either search for a specific job location or a specific job role. Don't be disheartened if the position you want isn't currently being advertised, you can set up email alerts on each of these sites, which will inform you when a more suitable position is being advertised.

If you're not quite sure about performing these online searches or you would simply prefer to go down a more traditional route, you could alternatively ring or pop into your local store and ask them directly. Tesco still accept paper applications to their positions, so keep this in mind during your job search.

Once you've found the job/jobs that you would like to apply for update your CV accordingly. Your CV should really highlight why you are perfect for the job. Look carefully at the job description that appears in the advertisement. When constructing your covering letter make sure that it's obvious that you are more than suitable for the job. Be enthusiastic too, explain why you'd like to work for Tesco and be positive. If you are called for an interview, remember to dress smartly and try not to be too nervous.

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