Find yourself a great Tesco job in Bolton today

If you're living in the Bolton area and area searching for a new job, we recommend you take a look at some of the potential positions available to you at Tesco. While you might automatically write Tesco off as a place you would like to work, we recommend that you spend a little time looking into the kind of opportunities and training that would be available for you if you were to opt for them as an employer.

With three Tesco stores in the local Bolton area (one at Atherton, Crabtree Lane, one at Unit 60 Ellesmere Shopping Centre and one on Wigan Road), you'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to looking for a Tesco job in Bolton. The kind of work you can find for the company will very much depend on the kind of prior work experience you have, as well as your level of education.

If you are simply searching for an entry level position and a foot in the door, then cashier roles are the most commonly available positions at the company. You'll be dealing with the general public on a dail basis, so it's important to be a people person and have a friendly personality. For these positions you can expect to earn between £5.20 and £5.70 per hour.

If you've got previous management experience you can expect to earn a little bit more, at £6.90 to £8.00 per hour, but these positions are less frequently available so you'll require a little more patience in order to find them. To keep up to date with all the latest Tesco vacancies, you should keep an eye on tesco-careers.com at all times, while anyone looking for a much higher position with the company should check out tesco-graduates.com today.


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